Three toddlers, I'Zayah, Lance & Zireeyah, need a family to raise them

    11:04 PM, Nov 28, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Spending time with our families is what we cherish most this Thanksgiving holiday.

    But tonight, roughly 500 of the littlest Arkansans don't have that.  They are in foster care, up for adoption, just waiting patiently for someone to bring them home. 

    One group is too little to fully understand their circumstances. 4-year-old I'Zayah, 3-year-old Lance, and 9-month-old Zireeyah just want to play.

    "Oh my gosh, where do I start?" says DHS adoption specialist Monica Spencer. "They are a wonderful group of kids, so nice to be around, so energetic."

    Indeed, they are energetic and full of love for each other. Again, too young to comprehend that they have no mom, no dad, and no family to call their own.

    "They've been in the system over a year, and they came into the system due to neglect," explains Spencer.

    Neglect is a word they are too little to even grasp, but that's what happened to a happy and lovable 4-year-old who loves tractors and trucks, a 3-year-old who loves superheroes and music, and a 9-month-old baby girl who has been in the system since birth. DHS wants them reunited.

    "Currently they are in separate homes," Spencer says. "The youngest two were placed together. The older is in a different home. We think it's very important for them to remain together, to be in a family unit where they can get that love and nurturing they need."

    So this thanksgiving, it is pumpkin pie together, just the three of them gathered around the table until someone out there sees their story, opens their hearts, and brings them home.

    "They should be with a family that loves them unconditionally during this holiday season," says Spencer.

    If you'd like more information on I'Zayah, Lance and Zireeyah or any of the children we've featured, click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

    And a big thanks to the Wonder Place for allowing the kids free admission and free reign once inside! They clearly had so much fun.

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