NOAA Weather Radio

    10:24 PM, May 13, 2010   |    comments
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    NOAA Weather Radio is a service the National Weather Service provides free to the public to transmit forecasts and life saving information about severe weather.

    While most homes have one or more televisions, not everyone has a weather radio. It should be as common as smoke detectors and computers. If it were, more people would hear potential life saving info during severe weather outbreaks.

    When tornadoes threaten, I always break into programming on Today's THV to get out the info as quickly and accurately as possible, but what if the TV isn't on, or you are asleep, or outside? A weather radio will wake you up with info that can be as specific as the county you live in.

    The features on weather radios continue to increase. They can now be purchased with solar power, hand crank, battery back up, built in flashlight, AM/FM radio, alarms and more.

    Watch the attached video for a quick overview and visit their Web site on how to program your weather radio.

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