Little Rock teen found murdered at Southern Pines Mobile Home Park

    6:08 PM, Jul 7, 2010   |    comments
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    Note: Little Rock police corrected the age of the person who reported the incident and since he is a minor, Today's THV has withheld his name.

    "Whoever did this needs to come forward and own up to what they did," says concerned resident Carletha Bunting.

    Bunting is one of the few residents willing to speak her mind Wednesday.

    "I was scared. I didn't know nothing. I freaked out, I didn't know," says Bunting.

    Bunting lives right beside lot 187 where police discovered the body of the 17-year old boy, beaten to death.

    Many declined to go on camera or even speak about the matter, fearing they may become a target.

    "You don't know where they be at when you in the house," Bunting says.

    The teen, police say, wasn't alone. His 16-year old friend was also attacked, but he survived and was able to alert police.

    The victim said the suspects tied him up inside the mobile home off of Baseline Rd. He was able to escape and seek treatment at a nearby hospital. That's when he told police he had to leave his friend behind and he may be dead.

    A motive police say hasn't been established. The only suspect information includes several hispanic males.

    Tuesday's events have also forced some to keep their guard up, even if it's not needed.

    "You don't know who you can trust around here. You can't be friendly or neighborly," says Johnny Mason.

    And as authorities search for any leads, people in the community search for peace of mind.

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