Beebe city council discusses dead birds and fireworks

    11:24 PM, Mar 8, 2011   |    comments
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    BEEBE, Ark. (KTHV) -- Beebe's mayor says fireworks will go on this year despite what happened two months ago. On New Year's Eve, nearly 5,000 birds died from blunt trauma.

    Game and fish officials say fireworks likely startled the birds. Animal group, PETA, wants the city to ban it.

    The roads in Beebe that once covered with dead birds are cleared, but you can still hear the animals that made headlines nationwide.

    "That night it was panic and from all of the emergency organizations and the city. What happened? And what are you going to do?" says Mayor Mike Robertson.

    PETA activists are asking the city to ban fireworks after the State Game and Fish commission said they died of blunt trauma. Officials found commercial fireworks, which may have frightened the birds to fly erratically.

    "It's not going to happen and don't foresee change to meet demands of PETA," says Robertson.

    PETA also says fireworks also affect normal pets. They wrote, "Terrified dogs and cats commonly climb or dig their way out of fenced yards, even going through plate glass windows, in an attempt to escape the noise."

    Still, Robertson says banning fireworks is not the right solution since it doesn't keep the birds from roosting.

    "Basically they would like to see them banned nationwide. I don't see that happening and it would be one thing and another," says Robertson.

    Robertson says he does not know why more than a million birds migrated to this part of Beebe and are roosting in the trees. They never had this problem until recently.

    The city has asked the Forestry Commission do a control burn of the pine trees. The city was turned down.

    "It's not possible due to the makeup of the land and the trees that are there," says Robertson.

    The biggest fireworks display is still months away and Robertson does not know if the New Year's Eve disaster will repeat itself July 4.


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