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    Craig's Twist 81: Your vote

    9:59 PM, Oct 18, 2012   |    comments
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    What is the number one factor that'll determine your vote this time?

    The economy? Afghanistan? Middle East? Education?

    What if I told you it was none of the above?


    The number one factor in this and any election is ... your parents.

    That's right.

    According to research detailed in the book Partisan Hearts and Minds by Donald Green, Bradley Palmquist, and Eric Schickler, most Americans inherit their political party from their parents.

    They also form party affiliations in early adulthood.
    It says we choose our political party like we do religious denominations or social organizations, because of the people most like us, and not because of issues.

    Their research shows we choose the party first and we'll bend the issue to fit that choice.

    This is hard for people to digest.

    We all want to believe we are issue driven, but look at Arkansas.

    It has taken all of a generation and a half to produce a Republican state.

    Even when it went Reagan, it was still controlled by Democrats.
    Not now.

    If a candidate goes out on a limb, you'll support him if he's in the family tree.


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