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    5 famous products invented for the military

    5:38 AM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- While most people think private enterprise is responsible for innovation, a great deal of the technology Americans rely on comes from another well-known source: the U.S. military. Here are five famous products invented for the military.

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    1. GPS (invented in 1959) -- It was originally developed for Air Force and Navy use. It's accurate enough to use it to guide missiles - and track aircraft and vessels. It can now be found in airlines, cars and smartphones.

    2. Duct Tape (invented in 1942) -- Developed during World War two, the tape's ease of use, durability and water-resistance made it useful to seal containers and fix windows and equipment during the war. When used in the army, it was typically green, but after the war, it became recognizable for its silver-gray color.

    3. The Jeep (invented in the 1940s) - The military needed a scout car that could have speed and versatility in addition to hauling power and all-terrain capacity. President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said that America couldn't have won World War II without it.

    4. The Microwave Oven (invented in 1945) -- The technology behind the microwave was originally used to accurately bomb targets. Its ability to heat food was discovered accidentally after the war.

    5. Aviator Sunglasses (invented in 1937) - Their dark shades were once necessary for test pilots pushing the limits of the airplane. At high altitudes, a pilot's eyes could be severely damaged by bright lights. Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, became standard gear for men enlisted during World War II.

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