A Place to Call Home: Cheyene

    4:39 PM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 shared a special surprise for a teenage girl who is desperately searching for a family.

    The 15-year-old is in state foster care, and through our partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, THV 11 is working to help her.

    Her name is Cheyene, and by sharing her story with us, she is praying someone sees her and brings her home.

    The music is loud, and the colors are bold. At Sephora inside the west Little Rock JC Penney, Cheyene is the center of attention.

    Her blue eyes accented, and her cheekbones highlighted, as makeup stylist Hannah gives her the royal treatment.

    "They did really, really good," says Cheyene. "And I really, really appreciate it because they didn't have to do it for me."

    Cheyene has an appreciation for this day of pampering so much because it happens so rarely for her.  She lives in a group home with several other foster children, all fighting for attention and a forever home.

    Cheyene, a 9th grader, has been in state custody since she was in elementary school. She remembers the day she was taken.

    "Picked me up from school and said they were gonna bring me to a better place," recalls Cheyene. "And I really didn't want to go, so I kicked and screamed. I was scared."

    Scared - and alone. With no place to call home. Still true today, despite wanting it so badly.

    "I just want a family that's gonna love me through my mistakes, just take me in and love me as their own," says Cheyene.

    Until that happens, times like this, complete with lip gloss and eyeshadow are the best for a girl who knows aging out of the system is a very real possibility. Still, she keeps hope alive that a family will adopt her.

    "In a way, I guess I am blessed because people are living in bad homes now and I've been taken out of a situation that's bad and now that I look back on it," she says, "I see that if I lived with my real mom, I wouldn't be in school, have nice clothes, families to love on me. Even though I've been bounced around home to home, I've still had someone who cares and loves me."

    Cheyene says her dream is to one day join the navy and travel the world. 

    Special thanks go to Hannah and Joyace at the JC Penney Sephora for Cheyene's makeover and the makeup they gifted her.

    Click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services website if you'd like more information on Cheyene or any of the children in state care up for adoption.

    There are no costs associated with adopting a child in state care.

    For more details on adoption in Arkansas: https://dhs.arkansas.gov/dcfs/heartgallery/









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