Strangers take up residence in house for sale

    10:48 PM, Oct 4, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Friday morning, a man found two strangers living in his mother's vacant home outside of Bryant.

    Mark Roberts and his brothers have been trying to sell their mother's home for about a year now. The house gets a fair amount of visitors, but on Friday, Roberts said he found two that didn't plan on leaving.

    "I guess they thought they were going to take up residence," said Roberts. "It's frustrating. Very frustrating. Come in and step in on this, especially something that your mother had for years and years and somebody comes in. You still feel violated."

    A man and woman had broke in through a basement window and made themselves at home in an upstairs bedroom.

    "Here is where they apparently decided they were going to move in. Along the wall here they had bags of clothes here, pillows, ash trays," Roberts described.

    Roberts added that before he came inside to find the house vandalized, he met the man outside who told him he was taking pictures of the home for a mortgage company.

    "The ID that he had and it said National Mortgage Association and his picture and then his name on it. Very professional looking. He wanted to argue and say that the mortgage company sent him to do this. There is not a mortgage on this house," explained Roberts.

    After calling the realtor and the police, Roberts realized the couple could have been staying there for up to three days, and though authorities haven't made an arrest, Roberts hopes telling his story will keep the two or others like them from striking again.

    "It's just another ploy that they are using so they can get by with taking anything they can I guess," suggested Roberts.

    Authorities told him they will be stepping up patrols around the area, but since the couple didn't steal anything, they could only be charged with trespassing.

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