CNN Money: Top business headlines for Oct. 10

    6:17 AM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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    NEW YORK (CNN) -- CNN Money's Maribel Aber has your top business and financial news on this Wednesday, October 10.

    Should furloughed federal employees still get paid?
    Nearly 500,000 federal employees are staying home from work because of the government shutdown. There's a good chance they'll be paid for the time they're not on the job. That doesn't sit right with some people. "It doesn't make sense to pay people who are not working," said Rick Manning, vice president of public policy at Americans for Limited Government, an advocacy group. "That's not how it's done in the private sector."

    Fears of a U.S. default are increasing
    Some investors are taking cover in preparation for a possible U.S. debt default. Where are the signs of market fear? Look no further than short-term Treasury bills, U.S. government debt that matures over the next 30, 60 or 90 days.  Rates for these government bonds have been spiking over the last several days as investors bet that the government won't be able to make debt payments later this month. Fidelity Investments has sold off all its Treasury bonds that are due in late October and early November. "Fidelity expects that Congress will take the steps needed to increase the debt ceiling. Nonetheless, we have been taking precautionary measures," according to a statement from Fidelity.

    T-Mobile plans now come with free international data, texting
    Using your smartphone abroad sucks, or rather, it's just annoying. You wish you had your phone abroad, but it's complicated.Maybe you've figured it out so that it doesn't cost you a fortune (lucky you!) but most of us haven't. Beginning October 31st, T-Mobile will be offering free text and data in 100 different countries to customers on its Simple Choice plans. So if you've got a Simple Choice plan the new international roaming capability will just be enabled on your account when you wake up on November 1st. And if you need to make a call within the countries covered by the plan, it'll cost you 20 cents per minute.

    Cardless ATMs allow you to get cash with your phone
    Imagine getting cash out of an ATM without using a debit card. Just like using a "remote control for the ATM," you will soon be able to log onto a mobile app, indicate the amount of money you want and receive it in seconds from an ATM. No debit card necessary -- all you need is your phone, financial services giant FIS announced at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas this week.



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