Police urge Arkansans to participate in National Drug Take-Back Day

    10:30 PM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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    JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - "A lot of people come into the pharmacy and wonder what to do with the drugs they haven't used," Dr. Alexis Rampey of Marshall Road Pharmacy explains.

    Often times people will flush their prescription drugs down the toilet or throw them in the trash-but by no means are those methods safe. Marshall continues, "There's a very, very small list of drugs that are recommended to flush down the toilet."

    Although not recommended, many prescription holders continue to do it, which puts some potentially dangerous substances into the hands of people who do not need it. Marshall says, "If kids get their hands on them at home they could get harmed or even killed. And even pets could get into them too if they're not disposed of properly."

    This Saturday various locations in central Arkansas will be participating in the national Drug Take-Back day to collect your expired and unwanted drugs.

    Sgt. Richard Betterton of Jacksonville Police Department says, "When you pull up to dispose of your unused or unwanted medications we'll have someone that will take that from you. You can actually see a face and know that it's going into the right place."

    The Jacksonville Police Department is one of several locations that will be collecting medication. Sgt. Richard Betterton says it is a painless process that has the power to save lives. "It only takes 2 seconds to drop it off. And the two seconds you spend could potentially save a kid from getting a hold of it," Betterton explains.

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