Realtime transcripts helping deaf, hard-of-hearing in courtroom

    5:56 PM, Nov 9, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (ARCRI) - Court reporting is a vital part of our justice system. Accuracy is vital and a recording can't identify speakers or ask for clarification if there is some confusion. It would also be very difficult for the trial participants to access previous testimony during the trial.

    Today with new technology we are able to provide realtime transcripts as opposed to waiting for a recording to be transcribed.

    Using voice recognition software we can provide a word-by-word transcript of what is happening in the courtroom in realtime. It may seem confusing but it's a very natural thing to be able to verbally repeat what is being said into our machine without getting lost. It just takes practice and an understanding of the technology.

    There are plenty of opportunities outside of the courtroom including Closed Caption Services for broadcast stations and there are many realtime reporters who help deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals understand classroom discussions, lectures or other events where they might have missed out before.

    For more information on the American Realtime Reporting Institute, click here: http://americanrealtime.org

    You can also call this number to learn more: (866) 439-2276

    (Source: American Realtime Reporting Institute)

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