Push on to charge stolen gun offenders with federal charges

    11:40 PM, Nov 8, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Little Rock Police Department said the push is on to charge those caught with guns while on probation, those with stolen guns, and those with federal charges.

    "Under federal statue they would actually serve the whole five years or either five to 10 years," said Sgt. Cassandra Davis.

    She said with state charges the offender would serve a fraction of that time.

    "It's not an absolute, but we do want it to be a deterrent," said Sgt. Davis.

    "If they're determined to commit crimes they're going to do it anyway," said Walter Cockran with the Stop the Violence organization.

    Cockran said officers charging offenders federally may work, but he said the problem goes deeper.

    "A lot of people, they don't have respect for life, for anyone's life because they don't have respect for their life," said Cockran.

    He said proper child-rearing and education is the answer.

    "I feel that they should have some kind of counseling and probably some kind of work program," said Cockran, referring to adult offenders.

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