Alexander's police chief said he's had enough

    8:28 PM, Nov 19, 2013   |    comments
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    ALEXANDER, Ark., (KTHV) - Alexander Police Chief Horrace Walters said he will resign Wednesday due to turmoil within the city's government.

    "I cleared my name once before, but this time I don't have to clear my name," said Chief Walters.

    The chief would not give specifics, but said there are things going on within the government which are not right.

    "When I saw what was going on, which I feel is border-line illegal, I just told the mayor I'd just rather resign than have to clear my name again," said Chief Walters.

    Chief Walters said he tried to resign in August, but was assured by Mayor Michelle Hobbs things would get better.

    "That problem got worse," said Chief Walters.

    Chief Waters said the city council recently questioned him when someone ordered seven patrol cars.

    "I went to the council and asked them for four new cars to replace the aging fleet that we have," said Chief Waters.

    City Councilman Brad Scott said he called the dealership to find out who ordered the seven patrol cars. He said the dealership informed him the assistant police chief and the mayor placed the order.

    "I'm old school and I've been around long enough to tell when something isn't right and I don't want to be around long enough for something to come to a head," said Chief Walters.

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