North Carolina man reunites with lost dog after two years

    5:57 PM, Dec 27, 2013   |    comments
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    ANGIER, NC (CNN) - Best friends that were separated for two years are back together.

    They shared their first Christmas since being reunited. One of them has changed physically, but it hasn't hurt their relationship one bit.

    Chase Surles and his dog Max haven't missed a beat, even though they had been separated for two years.

    Max was given to Chase as a gift, one month before Chase underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor.

    Always together, the two had a special bond.

    Max was just 9 months old, when one day in January 2011, he just disappeared.
    "We were just devastated," said Surles.

    After two years of not giving up hope, Chase's girlfriend came across a picture on a veterinarian's Facebook page that looked just like Max.

    Chase was asked to describe a distinguishing feature Max had. He pointed out the white patch on Max's chest, cause he had no idea Max was missing a leg.
    "We don't know what happened to the leg, but it was amputated professionally. I was speechless there for a few seconds," said Surles.

    But it took even less time than that for him to count his blessings.

    "Best friends back together again. We started playing fetch and just same old Max, just like before, just missing one leg, you wouldn't even notice, he was running so fast."

    The day Max ran off, he wasn't wearing a tag. Surles has since made sure that Max has a tag and microchip.

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