Plumbers in high demand as pipes thaw

    11:37 PM, Jan 7, 2014   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - As Arkansas nears the end of its current cold snap, a new problem has popped up as everything begins to thaw out. Bursting water pipes have caused damage all over the state and left plumbers in high demand.

    THV 11 spoke with one plumber who said in his 17 years on the job in Arkansas, he can only remember one cold snap worse than the current one as far as pipes bursting.

    Mary Vancura came home to her house in the Heights on Tuesday and immediately realized she had a problem.

    "I walked in the house and I heard this horrible roar and then I thought, 'oh no'," said Vancura. "I could hear water roaring up on the floor, roaring up on the floor. It was a frightening sound."

    The culprit was a copper pipe under her kitchen that burst in the cold temperatures.

    Vancura is not alone. Plumbers across Central Arkansas said service calls are stacking up as more and more pipes begin to thaw out.

    "I'd say, right now, we're probably 2 or 3 days behind," said Russell & LeMay plumber Justin Heath. "Most I've seen is pipes bursting as far as what I'm doing on my service calls but, I mean, we're trying to mix in our normal service calls with our emergency service calls so whoever we have available at the time gets whatever call is next."

    Heath also mentioned the most important thing you can do if a pipe bursts in your home:

    "At that point you need to go out and find your water meter and shut your water meter off," said Heath. "That's the most important thing, if you can get your water shut off you're going to save yourself a lot of money."

    Plumbing companies THV 11 spoke to said they are booked solid with calls. Meanwhile, Vancura said that when she called Tuesday afternoon one company told her there were 200 other people on the list as well.

    "Maybe we should have a plumber appreciation day in Little Rock and Central Arkansas," added Vancura. "I'll host it."

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