Today's Box Office: I, Frankenstein

    5:33 PM, Jan 24, 2014   |    comments
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    I, Frankenstein based on the graphic novel of the same name sees a modernized version of Victor Frankenstein's monster caught in the middle of a war between vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons. Adam (Aaron Eckhart) is a creature with no soul and no love for humans, gargoyles, and especially the demons who are hunting him to discover the secret to his immortality.

    This was not a movie I expected to like but I was pleasantly surprised. It never promised to be the next big thing to hit cinemas and the only thing the trailers hinted at was a movie with action in it. It delivered on both points. I, Frankenstein is an easy movie to sit back and watch, the premise doesn't require you to get too involved in the story and at a 91-minute runtime doesn't require too much investment of your time. It's the perfect movie for a night when you just want to watch a movie, just don't bother with the added expense of 3D.

    It stays contained to its plot, even though it requires that pivotal characters go against their (and the audiences) better judgment to keep the story moving. Also, I have to note that Aaron Eckhart is a better actor than this material but he does a fine job with what he's given. It was also nice to see a modern-looking Frankenstein. We're used to seeing the green, stitched up, cumbersome, fatheaded, electro-node having monster but this time there are no nodes only scars that would ever indicate that Adam may not be totally human.

    Even though I've got good things to say about it, I think you'd be better served by watching one of the many Academy Award nominated films that are in theaters now. Save this for a Friday night at home or a Saturday afternoon, rainy day matinee. 

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