Puppy Bowl celebrates 10 years of fluffy football

    11:29 AM, Jan 30, 2014   |    comments
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    NEW YORK (CBS) -- If you're not interested in the Super Bowl the folks at Animal Planet are offering a fluffy alternative with their 10th Puppy Bowl.

    Sixty-six puppies from various animal shelters in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, gathered at a new City studio in October to film the annual game.

    Executive producer Melinda Toporoff said there is a lot of pre-production that goes into planning the two-day shoot. Toporoff said one of the toughest parts is selecting which players should make the team.

    "We do look for diversity in terms of look, breed, size. And because they just need to be themselves. As long as they're healthy and happy pups we're happy to have them," she said.

    After a decade of Puppy Bowls producers want to make sure they capture all the cuteness from every angle.

    "We have over 21 cameras this year, 10 of those are GoPros. We're going to be recording over 100 hours worth of footage," said Toporoff.

    One thing producers can expect, but not predict, is the amount of dog excrement "fouls" the pups will commit.

    After one occasion referee Daniel Schachner playfully declared: "Just a reminder this is the Puppy Bowl not the poopy bowl."

    Showcasing cute puppies is just one part of the bowl, the other is to promote pet adoption from animal shelters rather than buying from pet stores. Amy Heinz from Iowa is participating in her second Puppy Bowl and is happy the event shines a spotlight on rescue dogs.

    "It's really nice that they give the shelter dogs that attention. Because there is so many - there are mutts like we love. And there is all kinds of purebred dogs in rescues and shelters too and people don't think to look there," said Heinz.

    Last year over 12.4 million people viewed the program, including Robin Brickman who is volunteering for the first time.

    "It's chaotic but it is exciting. And there is a lot of competition. I thought we were going to come in and clean up and we didn't," she told Reuters.

    While Bruno Mars is entertaining fans at MetLife Stadium, kittens will purr-form for viewers during half-time. Plus, a legion of penguins will keep crowds hyped up as official cheerleaders.

    In honor of the bowl's tenth airing Animal Planet is launching a few new elements including a Fantasy, adoption updates and an appearance by feline viral sensation Lil Bub.

    The Puppy Bowl will air on Sunday, February 2nd on the U.S. cable network Animal Planet from 3pm to 5pm EST (8pm to 11pm GMT).

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