Mammoth tusk dug up at Seattle construction site

    7:18 AM, Feb 14, 2014   |    comments
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    SEATTLE (CNN) -- A Columbian mammoth tusk is being dug up to go on display at a Washington state museum. It was found at a construction site earlier this week. The property owners have decided to give the ancient relic to the burke museum.

    Curiosity has people flocking, to a construction site. Construction workers, building an apartment complex discovered the mammoth tusk. Scott Koppelman with AMLI Residential said, "At first of course there is always nervousness of a find like this and what impact it might have on the construction project."

    Now crews are digging for another reason. Koppelman said, "The benefits of this amazing find to science and education far outweigh the cost and time delay."

    Paleontologists carefully started excavating and measuring the fossil lodged 30 feet below the surface. They won't have an exact size or age of the tusk until they can see the tip, but they say this grayish line marking the soil is a clue.

    Paleontologists say it marks the site of an ancient lake. Paleontologist Christian Sidor said, "It is very rare to get the tusk in the relationship to the lake in relationship to all the other sediments going on this became a much bigger picture than a single tusk."

    Paleontologists wonder if there could be even more than one tusk, but they're not holding their breath. Sidor said, "It would be a tremendous find I wouldn't count on it. I think the chances are rare."

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