Hot Springs Village group sews pillowcases for troops

    4:22 PM, Feb 14, 2014   |    comments
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    A group of Hot Springs Village women is connecting with military members at war, one pillowcase at a time. (Photo: Meredith Mitchell, THV11)
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    Hot Springs News:

    HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, Ark. (KTHV)- A group of Hot Springs Village women is connecting with military members at war, one pillowcase at a time.

    Darlene Phillips and the women's ministry at Balboa Baptist Church in Hot Springs Village say they're on a mission.

    "There are no rough edges in this, there are no ravelings, everything is completely done so that it is just probably the best pillowcase that you could possibly have," Phillips explained.

    In less than a month, the group has managed to hand-sew 518 pillowcases to be mailed to troops overseas.

    Phillips said, the idea came from a fellow church member, who has two sons deployed in Afghanistan.

    "She came to me and said my son who's a Chaplin in Afghanistan said that everything is so brown and no color over there and she said they would really appreciate pillowcases."

    On one day alone, Phillips said 55 women from the village showed up and went to work.

    "To know that someone we don't know, that we may never know maybe. Their head would be on this pillowcase and we would bring them comfort," Phillips said. "That was the drive."

    Each pillowcase is unique and comes with a handwritten note of encouragement. It's a small token of appreciation, Phillips said, for the sacrifice military men and women make for us.

    "We just pray and hope that God will use this, the talents that we have to give onto others to bless people, to bless those precious men and women who serve in Afghanistan."

    And Phillips hopes the pillowcases help give the troops a piece of home in a place so far away.

    "That they are not forgotten, that they are appreciated and loved and missed and people in the United States are praying for them. People in Hot Springs Village are praying for their safe return."

    Once the pillowcases arrive in Afghanistan, the church member's son, who is a Chaplin will distribute them to all 518 men and women.



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