Weather 101: Viewer Questions

    10:36 PM, Dec 3, 2009   |    comments
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    What does El Nino mean for our Winter in Arkansas?

    El Nino should bring a slightly more mild winter for our state. Severe storms are possible along the gulf coast states.

    How can it snow with the temperature above freezing?

    It's the temperature where the snow develops that usually determines this. A thick freezing layer can allow snow to fall even though temps in the lowest several hundred feet can be as warm as the low 40s.

    Why does Northern Arkansas see more snow than Little Rock?

    Again, elevation is the culprit. Higher elevations are colder and the snow can reach the ground easier.

    October was a really wet month, November seemed dry, where do we now stand rainfall wise?

    We only saw 1.20" of rain in November making it the 9th driest November on record. However, as of Dec 3, we sit at 70.74" of rain for the year. Ranking 4th highest all time.

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