The Arkansas Geological Survey helped install a device near Morillton to record earthquake tremors

    10:56 PM, May 28, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Dozens of recent earthquakes have scientists wondering what's causing such a spike in seismic activity here in Arkansas.  More than 30 earthquakes have been recorded since last week in the Morrilton area alone, which prompted scientists to install a seismometer to help keep a closer eye on the ground there.

    "What's the depth of these earthquakes?," asked Arkansas Geological Survey GeoHazard Supervisor Scott Ausbrooks. "Are these really deep earthquakes, suggesting something natural, or maybe they're shallow suggesting this is some sort of man-triggered or induced event? At this time, it's too early to tell."

    Josh Cruse felt a couple of the recent tremors near Morrilton and said it never occurred to him that they were earthquakes.

    "I was just sitting in my house watching TV, and all of a sudden it sounded like this sound system went off like super bass," said Cruse. "I could feel it in my chest. It was just a real quick sudden shake... I ran outside. I thought it was a sonic boom, but my mom told me later that it was an earthquake."

    Morrilton isn't the only area that's felt the ground shake in Arkansas recently, according to Ausbrooks. Three separate areas in the state saw seismic activity last week, something he's never seen before.

    "To have three active areas where you've had multiple earthquakes in these areas is pretty amazing," he said. "Actually, that's what I think is the most unusual. I mean it's almost like Powerball-type odds if you will because we had three different areas active at the same time."

    Ausbrooks said it's too early to glean any real perspective from the seismometer he installed this weekend, but that he is getting real-time data off the device and that it even recorded a few more small quakes in that area on Tuesday.

    To check out the United State Geological Survey map of earthquakes, follow this link: http://on.kthv.com/12N9wpz


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