Prescription Arkansas: Heart Health Check

    2:45 AM, Feb 2, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - February is a month for "Matters of the Heart." And with Valentines Day just around the corner -- many relate the heart to love.

    If you have a loved one who might need their heart checked, show them how much you care and talk to them about getting a Heart Health Check.

    "As an adult, you can't be too preventative. You can't start this process early enough," says Dr. Scott Davis.

    Dr. Davis is a cardiologist at Arkansas Cardiology at Baptist Health in West Little Rock. 

    He feels very strongly about heart health. He says if you have any of the risk factors of heart disease you owe it to yourself to get checked.

    "People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetics, smokers, family risk of heart disease. So we like to start from there."

    Doctor Davis says just because you have multiple risk factors -- doesn't mean you have coronary disease. However, he says it does put you at an increase risk.

    Mike Richards, a Saline County Deputy, has been a softball player most of his adult life. He came to see Doctor Davis when he noticed a problem.

    "If I'd run the base or anything, I just felt I was gonna die, my chest would get tight, lack of breath," says Richards.

    Mike does have a family history of heart disease, so Doctor Davis did a dye test.

    Nothing major showed up -- but he did prescribe Mike medication.

    "He said our next step is, let's eliminate some things. He said the way we do that is we're going to do a cath."

    "When we did that procedure then we did identify blockage that needed to be treated."

    It was treated immediately, using stents that resemble a small spring from an ink pen. It opened up the arteries so blood could once again flow freely.

    "I didn't even realize how bad I felt, until he fixed it."

    "Now we've got mike back functioning quite well, back at his job as though nothing happened."

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