Fun floral arrangements & create your own birdfeeder

    6:51 AM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV's lifestyle expert Chris Olsen with Botanica Gardens has some great ideas for decorating for a summer shindig and creating your own bird feeder.

    Floating Flora

    With summer comes entertaining. If you desire to dress up your table with colorful flora then make it simple and easy for yourself. I have the perfect idea for you to make your decor colorful and fresh for any party.

    This is all you need:

    1. One or several unique glazed bowls. Glass will work as well but glaze is best.

    2. Pick fresh flowers from the garden. Use flowers that float and last for days to come such as marigolds, vinca, dahlias, dianthus and so much more. Never limit yourself!

    3. Just fill the bowl half way or so with water and float the flowers on top. You can even add a few goldfish for fun and interest.

    That's For the Birds

    That's right. Make it for the birds. Take care of our little friends by creating your own bird bath and feeder. I am all about easy projects that not only look great but are functional. Here is a fun way to make your landscape bird friendly. Just take a grape vine wreath, tie 4 pieces of twine at equal distances from each other around the wreath. Make sure the twine is long enough so you can hang the wreath about 24 inches from a branch. Then tie the ends of the twine at the top together and around a branch or even a hook. Place a clay saucer in the center of the wreath. The clay saucer needs to be larger then the hole in the center, Then fill with water and place a second bowl in the middle of the original saucer. Fill the second bowl with bird seed.

    Now you have the perfect homemade bird bath and feeder-all in one.

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