Today's Home: The right weed eater

    5:51 PM, Aug 2, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - With lots of rain lately here in Arkansas, your yard may be looking more like a jungle. And, if yard work is in your forecast this weekend, you may want to follow these tips on how to choose a weed eater.

    Old weed eaters (some of us still have them) are a royal pain, but newer weed eaters are much easier to use.

    The engines in new weed eaters are called four stroke engines. What that means is your oil and your gas is poured separately in separate tanks in the weed eater. You no longer have to mix them. This saves on all those different cans that you try to label and keep straight in your mind.

    Another great thing about this kind of weed eater is the head. Remember when you had that old weed eater line, and it would be sucked right back up in the weed eater head, getting itself so mixed up you had to unravel it? Now, we have what we call Aero Flex line. What is great about these is its just four little pieces that slide right on to a new head that you can buy anywhere. Slide it on to your old weed eater and you no longer have that line to deal with. Makes it so much easier and you will have no excuse.

    The only thing about four stroke weed eaters is you don't want to edge, and the oil is now separate.

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