Decorating with pumpkins for fall

    8:21 AM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Fall is here and that means pumpkins are abound! Here are some fun ways to decorate your home with pumpkins from THV's lifestyle guru Chris Olsen with Botanica Gardens.

    Fall Decor Galore

    So many ideas for the fall and so little time. Get a jump start this October with great and simple fall ideas that are easy on the wallet. From door decor to garden markers, I will show you how to make our dwelling a home for this autumn season.

    Spanish Moss and Pumpkin Wreath:

    For an elegant yet simple touch, create a spanish moss and pumpkin wreath. Its components not only represent fall, but also nature as well with great texture. Simply take a medium size grapevine wreath and hot glue spanish moss (We chose bright green for an added pop of color!) completely covering the grapevine wreath. Next, hot glue three, small pumpkins to the bottom portion of the wreath as if they're sitting next to each other. Add a burlap ribbon at the top of the wreath to display on your front door, inside your home, or on a garden gate!


    - 1 medium grapevine wreath
    - 1 bag Spanish moss
    - 3 small pumpkins
    - Burlap ribbon
    - Hot glue gun/hot glue

    Party Pumpkins:

    It's fall, so let's celebrate! Why not be whimsical when decorating for your next party and create "party pumpkins!" Take any size pumpkins, orange or white, and hot glue grosgrain ribbon in a variety of colors (we used 3/4 inch) to the pumpkins. Create a "wave like" and dimensional effect that will not only add a bit of whimsy, but added color as well! Hot glue the grosgrain ribbon in a vertical or horizontal direction. Arrange a grouping of party pumpkins as a centerpiece or place them throughout your home for that added touch of fun!


    - Any size pumpkins, orange or white
    - Grosgrain ribbon, any width and color
    - Hot glue gun/hot glue

    Herb and Plant Markers:

    These unique herb and plant markers will add a delightful touch to any traditional garden or container garden! You will need: forks, lids from cans (canned veggies), an alphabet stamp set, and a hammer. As you're cooking, simply save the can lids. Next, find forks from your own home or at the dollar store. Take the alphabet stamping kit and read the directions. Decide what names you'll be stamping, begin the process, and hammer away! Take the forks and bend the two middle prongs backwards creating a space for the lid to slip into. You may hot glue the lid to the fork on the backside to add extra security. Place the unique herb or plant marker in your garden and enjoy!


    - Forks
    - Can lids
    - Alphabet stamping set
    - Hammer
    - Hot glue gun/hot glue


    Leaf Covered Monogram:

    If you are looking for a fall front door decoration, this leaf covered monogram is sure to fit your needs! Take a large, monogram letter found at any craft store. We chose a rounded, dimensional letter. Next, take a garland of silk fall leaves and remove leaves from the garland. Begin hot gluing silk fall leaves covering the monogrammed letter. Alternate the colorful leaves creating a mosaic type look. Once the monogram is completely covered in silk fall leaves, use burlap ribbon to hang your leaf covered monogram on your front door for the fall season. This monogram may also be used indoors!


    - Monogram letter
    - Garland of silk fall leaves
    - Burlap ribbon
    - Hot glue gun/hot glue

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