Today's Home: Adding 'bling' to your organic Christmas tree

    10:20 PM, Nov 29, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - When it comes to putting up the tree, Chris Olsen knows how to give it that extra punch of Christmas Spirit. Even if that means adding a little holiday bling.

    When it comes to creative things I tend to have an eye towards that. Here we have a beautiful, unique and different creative tree.

    What's great about it is it's not typical. It doesn't have the netting. It doesn't even have ribbon. It's more organic. The trend is more towards a natural look.

    Here we have beautiful moss spheres created with pine cones as well. We even have these great succulents, they look so real, you're thinking why would a Cacti Eye Succulent plant look good for Christmas but it works.

    Spend a little more money and buy the real looking succulents. Something that looks so
    genuine. But then we do have a little bit of bling bling here - we have these great ornaments and they are colored orange because we took the colors out of the rest of the room - which tend to be towards the orange hues - and we introduced them into the tree.

    But we also have a little bit more bling bling because we have these great springs and branches which are covered in a gold glitter. Then of course you've got to have a little bit of fun and why not use owls? Owls are also all the rage - so they are all tucked into the tree as well as a tree topper.

    Of course we even have a few more pine cones which you can get out of your own backyard- even look at the packages we have under the tree. They are wrapped in a natural paper. We do have ribbon on these packages - but we also introduced Apple Green. Then the end result is one beautiful tree.

    You're watching Today's Home and I'm Chris Olsen.

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