Today's Home: Holidays at the Governor's Mansion

    6:47 PM, Dec 12, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - We're back at the Governor's Mansion and I'm joined by First Lady Ginger Beebe.

    "We've been talking about the Christmas here - but let's talk about the Mansion itself. How do you know where to start? What colors do you choose and what's your favorite room of the house if you have one?" said Chris.

    "I don't have a favorite room and I would say that each room the color that I choose is really decided by the colors that are in the room. The library is more warm, so it has - well it's more masculine in its decorations. In the living room this year, we have the gingerbread house, by our chef as well as some of our trustees and it's wonderful."

    "Of course the dining room with the silver has so much history there and it's beautiful. It's one of the rooms you decorated. And we have the two trees that have small ornaments, large ornaments, small and large twinkling lights. And not only is it beautiful from the inside - but from the outside you can see those two trees. So those are just so beautiful. And then the back of the Mansion, people don't know that in 2003 there was an addition of the Grand Hall. So what you see from the front is a surprise when you get in."

    "This year, the atrium space which connects the Grand Hall to the original house is all in red, but what I chose this year was to take down all of the art which was by Arkansas artists and add Santa Paintings that were all painted by Arkansas artists," said Beebe.

    "I love that it's full of holiday cheer. Tomorrow night we are going to come back and look at the art and talk a little bit about it and why you selected it," said Chris.

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