Mario Scott enters plea for Katesia Weathers' murder

    5:54 PM, Mar 15, 2010   |    comments
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    Katesia Weathers' family wants her to be remembered as the woman with the bright shining smile, but they also know the reality. 

    Pictures were left behind of Weathers battered and bruised. They're images of domestic violence that paint a darker image of her life.

    Her cousin Tammy Davis says, "No one deserves to be treated like that."

    But the situation got much worse than just abuse. Weathers disappeared. For days, her family put up flyers. The suspect was her boyfriend Mario Scott. Monday, he was convicted of her murder.

    Weathers was beaten at a house in Pine Bluff. He dumped her body in woods within the city. A week later, court records show he returned to the woods and put her body in a barrel, then set it on fire. Her remains were never found.

    Weathers' mother Rosie Thomas says, "It still doesn't have me no closure. I still don't have no closure."

    After changing his plea to no contest, a judge sentenced Scott to 25 years without parole. He is already serving a 22-year sentence for beating Weathers.

    Deputy prosecuting attorney Kyle Hunter says, "I personally think that Mario Scott deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, but under the facts of this particular case we think that 25 years at 100 percent on top of what he is already doing is a good verdict."

    Meantime, Weathers' mother says Scott showed no remorse in court. Still though, she's trying to forgive while relying on faith and the memory of her daughter's bright smile.

    "I keep on praying that things will get better as they go. So I am going to keep on praying," explains Thomas.

    Scott's lawyer did not return Today's THV's repeated phone calls. Scott was originally charged with capital murder, but the charges were lessened in the plea deal to first degree murder.

    Because Weathers' body was never found, prosecutors say their case would have relied heavily on four people who they say had first-hand knowledge of the crime.

    Court records show that Scott was accused of beating or threatening Weathers on at least five occasions in the four years before her disappearance.

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