Arkansas tornado update

    8:51 PM, May 6, 2010   |    comments
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    A week after severe weather moved through the state,  National Weather Service survey teams continue to look at the damage. As of May 6, 18 tornadoes have been confirmed in the state.

    The Little Rock weather service office is not the lone authority regarding weather in our state. There are 4 other offices that have jurisdiction over other parts of Arkansas.

    The weather service in Tulsa, Oklahoma handles all the weather for Northwest Arkansas. The Shreveport, Louisiana office handles the southwestern 9 counties. The Jackson, Mississippi office handles Ashley and Chicot counties in southeastern Arkansas and the Memphis office handles our 12 eastern counties.
    The storms last weekend produced 2 tornadoes in southwest Arkansas and 3 in Eastern Arkansas.

    Ed talks more about county warning areas and why the 7 day pattern of severe weather in the state in this edition of Weather 101.

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