Terry Billups arrested for Briticia Walters' murder

    6:13 PM, Jun 7, 2010   |    comments
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    A woman is murdered in front of her seven-month-old son.
    It happened overnight on West 18th street, and Little Rock Police say her boyfriend did it, then went to work.

    Briticia Walters is a mother, hospital aid, longtime church-goer and a murder victim. "Right now I'm just at a loss of words - I can't believe what happened to my sister, she didn't deserve this; she was great person, nobody deserves this, but she really didn't," says Cary Duhart.

    Police say early Monday morning sometime before 12:30 a.m., Terry Billups stabbed Walters to death, in the siblings' childhood home.

    "I just can't believe it; don't seem like she's gone, got that big smile and she used to call me big head so right now I'm waiting for her to come out that door walk out for her to hit me upside my head and call me big head and see her smile," says Duhart.

    According to police, after the murder Billups came to the Conway Human Development Center where he works with children with disabilities.

    Police say they found him after he drove here in Walter's stolen car, and started his shift.

    "He is now being charged with capital murder, theft of property and endangering the welfare of a minor," says Lt. Terry Hastings with the Little Rock Police Department.

    When officers got to the house, they found Walters dead and her 7-month old son out of sight. "He also placed a 7 month old baby between a wall mattress and covered the baby up with clothes," adds Hastings.

    The baby is O.K. and with Duhart and his wife. "My sister didn't deserve this and then he did it in front of her seven month old child; he deserve not to see no freedom I think for the rest of his life," says Duhart.

    Police say the murder happened after an argument between the couple. Walters worked at Baptist Health and her employer says she hadn't missed a day of work in seven years.

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