Craig's Twist: The Missing Link

    2:54 PM, Jan 27, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Craig's Twist is courtesy of author/journalist Johnathon Alter's book, 'The Promise.'

    Alter writes about the funeral for Franklin Roosevelt. As the procession moved down Pennsylvania Avenue, a reporter noticed a man standing on the curb, watching, and crying uncontrollably.

    The reporter asked the man: "Did you know the President?"

    The man said, "no, but he knew me."

    President Roosevelt understood the pain and was able to address the psychological needs of a fearful nation.

    What candidate is doing that now?

    If you listed the ingredients of tonight's Republican debate, like you would for some packaged food product. It was 32 percent outrage and anger, 22 percent ideas, 26 percent self promotion, and 20 percent anti-Obama. It's hard to reach the heart of America like that.

    For a President whose coolness in all situations has been well documented, this sense of connecting has also proven to be a problem.

    There's a term for the candidate who is more interested in knowing you than you voting for him; that can address the nation and yet reach each person individually.

    We call them 'Mr. President.'

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