Craig's Twist 61: Are you suffering from 'scandal fatigue?'

    10:29 PM, Apr 12, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- I'm not a doctor but I'm playing like I am so that we can talk about a condition that is affecting more and more Arkansans at an alarming rate.

    It's called "scandal fatigue," and it's caused by not being able to turn around or turn on the TV without bumping into the scandal that has gripped the imaginations of so many Razorback fans.

    Scandal fatigue or SF, can cause irritability, head shaking, and an intense desire to go up to a group of gossiping people and just shout out: "Move on people. . .what's wrong with you!"

    Even though you may run the risk of someone in the group saying, "Well, what's gotten into him?"

    If you feel you're suffering from SF, we recommend a long walk in the woods without an electronic device; or maybe sitting on a park bench and watching kids at play, or listening to oldies radio, or looking at your yearbook picture, or your parents' wedding pictures.

    Any activity that allows you to recall the hope and promise of the future, untainted by high profile perversity.

    If, after 30 days, you still feel like you're suffering from this debilitating mental and emotional condition, we suggest the ultimate treatment. Turn off TV news and watch "Nick at Night!"

    Heaven forbid.

    For more on this scandal head to our website. . .

    Wait. . .what am I saying. Stay off websites too.

    Tell you what. Lets just leave it with these two words that can help all sufferers: "Enough already!"











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