Weird But True: Advertisements on faces, tornado fire caught on camera

    6:07 AM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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    From college students selling ad space on their faces to a rare phenomenon caught on camera, THV's Tom Brannon catches you up on some Weird But True headlines.

    College students don't always have the most in their bank accounts. But some have found a way for them to earn a little more. 

    Businesses in the United Kingdom are offering big bucks to students who'll let them paint their company logo on their face and walk around campus.

    The founders of BuyMyFace.com say a student can earn a couple of hundred dollars each day.

    In other weird but true news, an Australian film maker has captured one of nature's rarest weather events on camera -- a fire tornado.

    Chris Tangey of Alice Springs Film and Television was in the outback searching for film locations when he spotted a twister made of flames reaching around 30 metres off the ground.

    Fire tornados are also known as fire whirls or fire devils. They are caused when a warm, rotating and rising column of air picks up a bushfire.

    Tangey said fire tornados are thought to last only around two minutes but the twister he filmed at Curtin Springs lasted up to 40 minutes.

    Tangey told local media that it sounded like a "fighter jet".

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