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    12-year old girl's heartbreaking search for a forever family

    5:21 AM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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    Six years is a long time to survive with no home. But for an Arkansas foster child, it is a sad reality.

    This month, young Jazmine hopes you'll pay attention to her story and bring her home.

    It was a day of firsts for 12-year old Jazmine.

    "It feels so weird," she says, the first time she made a plaster cast of her fist.

    It was also her first time getting a one-on-one tour of the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center.

    "Isaac Scott Hathaway, the artist who created these masks, would use a plaster like substance," says Elvon Reed, the center's director of education.

    From plaster masks to a re-created barber shop to making plaster molds of our own, it was a hands-on history lesson for Jazmine, a girl who's own history has been tough, at best.

    "(Dawn): What kind of family do you hope takes you home? (Jazmine) Any kind of family."

    Fact is, Jazmine is desperate for a family she can call her own. She's been in state foster care for six years due to neglect. Her younger brother was adopted. She, however, was not. And earlier this year a family became interested, but it fell through.

    When I ask what home means to her, she says "..a home? I don't know."

    Still, she is a 7th grader who loves science, who one days dreams of being a veterinarian. She loves music and playing games on her iPad. But also says there's not a moment that passes she doesn't dream of finding a home.

    "Everyday at school, at home, whenever I go to sleep -- a lot," she says.

    Jazmine's adoption specialist Monica Spencer says she deserves that home, along with a family who will stick by and nurture her.

    "She's sweet, she's well mannered, she's just an all around lovable child," says Spencer.

    A lovable child who is hoping for another first, a forever family.

    Special thanks to the ladies at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center for Jazmine's personalized tour. She tells me not only did she learn a few things, it was an absolute blast. 

    Visit the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website if you'd like more information on Jazmine or any of the children up for adoption in state care.

    There are no costs associated with adopting a child in state care.

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