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    Speed Freak Killer Loren Herzog linked to missing girl Michaela Garecht

    3:05 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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    HAYWARD, CA (CBS/KPIX) - Lab results on a bone fragment could solve a 24-year-old missing person's case out of Hayward.

    Sharon Murch says, "After November 19, 1988, it's probably impossible to have a really happy ending."

    Sharon Murch has been living without knowing what happened to her daughter, Michaela Garecht, for 24 years. She was kidnapped at age 9. She says, "When you have a missing child, you search anywhere, everywhere, every highway, byway and even the stars for the answers."

    And now, there may be one. A three-inch piece of bone belonging to an unidentified child was found in a well in Linden, a mass grave for victims of the Speed Freak Killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog who were convicted for a drug induced killing binge in the 90s. But their known victims were all much older than Michaela. Murch says, "I tended to kind of dismiss it, I kind of ignored that investigation all along."

    A sketch of Michaela's alleged kidnapper does look similar to Herzog who committed suicide last year. Sgt. Eric Krimm with Hayward police says, "A case that's this old, has a lot of information and we're going through that information and doing what we can to identify the bone."

    The piece of bone was originally given to the Hayward PD, their test results came back inconclusive. The bone was then sent to a lab in Virginia. The results are expected to take a few weeks. Murch says, "If this is Michaela then it breaks my heart that she's laying in that place for all of this time."

    The bone piece was initially given to the family of another Speed Freak Killer victim Joann Hobson. Her mom had the bones tested, suspicious of how the scene was handled. Joann's mom Joan Shelley says, "The way they pulled her out with those big steel claws, and I saw that on TV, I was horrified, absolutely horrified."

    Murch agrees. She says, "How can they do that? It's just, I can't even think of the word, it's not desecration, it's just heartless."


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