Craig's Twist 80: 'The Difference'

    11:00 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Craig's Twist 80: "The Difference."

    Have you noticed a change in us here at Today's THV? It may be a tad too soon, but chances are good you'll start to notice real soon.

    What I'm getting at is a change in the way we treat the victims you see on the newscasts. Every day we get a constant stream of stories that involve personal loss. Over time, we in the media become desensitized, and we lose our compassion.

    Our honest compassion.

    The kind that treats people with respect, and gives families room, instead of only caring for our deadlines. Yes, I confess, we have been guilty.

    But then, there was yesterday. Our trip to Arkadelphia.

    We saw up-close what the loss of our colleague Matt Turner meant to his family, his community, and those who worked with him. Wait, we did more than see it.

    We felt it.

    These weren't just our embraces. These were embraces that are felt by families who lose loved ones you hear about across the news spectrum.

    The loss of Matt Turner raised our sympathy level to a new high. Everyone in the THV newsroom feels it.

    These stories violent loss, sudden tragic family, and community loss have become personal.

    You may not notice it yet. ...But you will. Just watch.

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