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    Today's Home: Lighted Pumpkin Decoration

    6:25 PM, Oct 19, 2012   |    comments
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    You know your front door is usually the first impression of your home and that's where the majority of us decide to decorate when we decide to decorate for the holidays.

    Here are a couple of ideas for you:
    First are these pumpkin lanterns.
    I just happened to be walking through a craft store where I saw these over-sized foam pumpkins and I thought to myself "what can I do with them?"
    I just had to buy them.
    Well I did and I decided to go ahead and drill holes in them.
    All you have to do is take a drill and, of course, what we call hole bits.
    These hole bits are different sizes and just do a random pattern around the pumpkin.
    It goes right through and it's really simple to do.
    And then all you have to do is get underneath countertop lights.
    That is what I use as lights in these pumpkins.
    You simply go ahead and put that on top of the light.
    But before you do that, if you are going to put them on top of a pot, go ahead and take a fall wreath as I did, an artificial wreath, and lay it on top of the rim of the pot.
    Then the pumpkin.
    Now you have a complete look that is wonderful and you leave these lit all day long.
    Of course, don't forget about your steps, your pumpkins, your mums.
    Even this hanging basket.
    I jimmy-jangled a whole bunch of different terra cotta clay pots and glass spheres, a horse even, and of course a few pumpkins.
    Easy but simple and colorful.

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