Today's Box Office: Cloud Atlas and the stars of Paranormal Activity 4

    1:27 AM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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    In the interest of transparency, I had every interest in going to see the film Cloud Atlas and telling you all about it. I'm thinking I may do that for next week because I'm really interested in the film. 

    Cloud Atlas is directed by The Wachowski's. They were the brains behind The Matrix trilogy and Speed Racer, if you haven't seen The Matrix, then we need to discuss your reasoning behind that. The Wachowski's are known for astounding visuals mixed with thought provoking and sometimes confusing dialogue. I've watched the trailer for the movie a dozen times and I have no idea what it's about. That's why I'm so curious. What I've been told is that it's the kind of movie you'll need to see a couple of times to really understand. I don't know if that will sit well with the masses but I think there's something about a movie you need to see twice that's attractive. Oh, I guess it's just me then. 

    Also in theaters this week, Chasing Mavericks with Gerard Butler surfing, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D starring someone who has to scream a lot, and Fun Size starring Victoria Justice in a Nickelodeon film with humping jokes that seem a little old for a Nickelodeon audience.

    Coming out on DVD and Blu Ray this week, Magic Mike the movie about male strippers starring Channing Tatum's abs, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which is a movie I reviewed earlier in the year and thought it was a lot of fun and delivered exactly what it promised, Madea's Witness Protection, and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World which is a cute comedy starring Keira Knightely and Steve Carrell.

    Earlier this week I spoke with two stars of Paranormal Activity 4, Matt Shively and Kathryn Newton. Click the video to watch the full interview.

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