A special edition of "Send us your best shot" as modern gun season opens

    10:58 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Normally, we ask you to send in your best shots on Thursday night, but with deer hunters heading to the woods, we just had to do a special edition today.

    If you take a look at our first game camera picture, Dennis from Monticello uploaded a shot of a buck feeding at night, and Lori, also from Monticello, sent us in another great picture of what look like five nice bucks feeding in a field.

    Another a photo of a good looking buck came in form Lisa, or Cabot, who says her photo was taken on her property last month.

    Though we're not sure if the next one came form a game cam, but it is a beautiful photo of a doe watching over her young from Nancy, of Hot Springs Village.

    Karen from Stone County sent in a photo of a buck in their yard last fall, and she slao saw a 10-point buck, but wasn't able to get in a position to snap a picture of it. Another photo of a buck was snapped after he was scrapping with a younger deer

    The photo of a deer with a bucket stuck between its antler was sent in by Henry, who said the picture was taken back in 2009 in Chicot County. He and a bussy had set up a field camera and got the shot, but he sqaid he's never seen the deer or the bucket again.

    And, in another picture, Andy from Ferdale sent a beautiful shot of fall colors and a lot of deer near an old barn.

    Jeff from Clark County shared a photo, and said his subject only wanted to peak in at the rice bran on the ground. He said he never showed up again during the hunting season, but did appear the next spring.

    And, Dane from Cominto grabbed a great picture with a lot of hogs on his game cam.

    Finally, Mark from Social Hill sent in a photo of a nice, big buck, and he's not the only one enjoying some feed.

    You can always share your pictures by uploading them to todaysthv.com. Scroll over the Connect tab and click on upload.

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