Quadriplegic man, Josh Miller, becomes Arkansas Legislator

    11:36 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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    HEBER SPRINGs, Ark. (KTHV) - Josh Miller was elected to the city council when he was just in his 20s, and in January, he'll become one of the state's newest legislators.

    One of the issues he's most passionate about is healthcare, but what drives his passion is different than most. He's a quadriplegic.

    "I don't really look at myself as being any different, because in life, everyone has adversity," Miller said.

    Miller admitted a car accident with a friend nine years ago that involved alcohol put him in his chair, and he said he was very fortunate to be alive.

    Miller's own father struggled with muscular atrophy and was in a wheel chair for many years, and it was his example that proved to Miller that he could still live a full life.

    Now, Miller is taking on the state capitol and hopes to serve Heber Springs well.

    "The capitol is making some adjustments for me sit at my desk at the House Chamber," he said.

    During his first term as a state representative, Miller already knows he wants to improve the state's healthcare system and help those with disabilities.

    "I want to be somebody. I want to do good for society, and I want to do something that my family and the folks here in my community can be proud of," he concluded.

    Miller won 70 percent of the vote.

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