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    'Hey, Grude' guys, Caleb Conrad, Tyler Davis, and Will Richey, visit THV 11

    9:17 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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    LITLLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Caleb Conrad, Tyler Davis, and Will Richey have become known as the Grude Dudes after their 'Hey Jude' spoof called 'Hey, Grude' went viral on YouTube.

    In case you don't know what we're talking about, here's the video of their song in its entirety:

    They said their video wasn't planned, and they didn't expect for the number of viewers to get so high when they created it.

    "It was a random thing. We were just sitting around, singing music like we always do, and all of a sudden, we started talking about the coach search and stuff like that because we care about Arkansas football. All of a sudden, Tyler-He goes 'Hey, Grude,' and we were like 'Aww! That's it! We're writing this song," said Will Richey.

    Tyler said the group didn't have any other songs about coaches, and that the 'Hey, Grude' song only took an hour to write.

    Now, these guys aren't the first to sing about the Razorbacks on YouTube. Remember the Hog Lady? If you don't check out the video below:

    While they're not sure how they measure up to the Hog Lady, they do hope that John Gruden sees their video. They said don't think he'll see it and come to Arkansas, but if he does, they're not going to complain.

    And, although this group is made up of Ouachita and Henderson students, they said they're still life-long Razorback fans.

    The newsroom even got an unexpected treat; they sang the song right in the THV 11 building.

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