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    Prescription Arkansas: Surviving the holidays

    10:49 PM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The closer we get to Dec. 25, the more stressful each day gets.

    Instead of singing carols and watching Christmas specials, many of us are mumbling obscenities and hoping the perfect gift for that, hard to buy for person, will jump out at us.

    Psychiatrist Dr. Raymond Remmel said while at times we may be filled with anger and angst, an act of kindness may help our mental well being.

    You know it's a real good time of year to take the time and just say a kind word to a stranger," he explained.

    Chances are they're experiencing some of the same anxiety you are, and taking some time for yourself can also help you deal with anxiety.

    "People get so stressed out at this time of year, and it's good to get 15 minutes maybe take a walk, go out and breathe some fresh air, get outside," he suggested.

    The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends that you love, and sometimes it's impossible to avoid being around people you don't get along with, but if possible, limit your time around them.

    "You might spend more time with the people that tend to share the things that are important to you," Dr. Remmel said.

    With all of parties and events going on, Doctor Remmel said there's one very important word you need to learn.

    "'No' is one of the most important words that you can say," he concluded.

    He said there are just so many parties you can go to, just so many gifts you can give and just so much time that you have to commit to people. Sadly for some people, this year will be the first year without someone who was very important in their life.

    Dr. Remmel said while this might be one of the toughest times of grieving, it's also important to remember your blessings.

    "There are always people out there that are still a part of your life, and this is a time to try to share with them how important they are to you," he said.

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