Winners and Losers: Dec. 28, 2012

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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - As we watched the snowfall this past Tuesday night, all I could think of, aside from, 'Gee! How am I going to get to work now?' was, 'Wow! This will make for some interesting winners and losers.' Four days later, here they are-the Winter Storm Winners and Losers.

    Let's begin with our state capitol grounds. The grounds are over 100 years old, and when it snows it becomes one of the most beautiful government buildings in the country. It's a winner even with broken trees like we all had.

    Motorists are losers. Not all drivers had trouble, but all drivers had to think about it, and it was impossible to drive all week without at least one 'Oh, no!' moment even if you were in a four wheel drive.

    Our second set of winners is kids. They went through Christmas and all their gifts, and the next day there's a winter wonderland. You just know children of all ages will never forget this white Christmas. From snow angels to snowball devils, this has been the best of all snowfalls.

    Hardware stores, like Fuller and Son, are also winners. They have been swamped at a time of year when they tend to be dormant, and the small stores have been especially helpful.

    Grocery stores can join the winner fun for the same reason hardware stores get the win. That is if you were a store that kept your power. Otherwise this has been a week to forget. (By the way, cows are losers. They've got to be worn out with the demand for milk.)

    Hotels everywhere in central Arkansas, downtown Little Rock hotels in particular, are winners. Power outages meant residents in cold homes went looking for accommodation. Essential workers who were stranded downtown and needed to get to work ran up exorbitant bills on company credit cards. But, let's not talk about Ed Buckner and Tom Brannon.

    People with generators are also winners. They were able to withstand Mother Nature's winter assault. But, they're also a loser tonight because many of them made so much noise, neighbors got a little upset-especially those in the dark.

    The guys out doing the repairs are also winners. They had their holiday interrupted and are working 14 hour days. The ones from out of state are away from their families, and yet they diligently respond to the need. I was out of power for two days, and I hated it. But, I really appreciate these guys, and it's still not over.

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