Today's Home: Backyard makeover

    3:45 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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    The weather may seem miserable this weekend, but before long we'll be sitting on the deck, grilling dinner and enjoying outdoor family time. To celebrate, I'm taking a bare bones backyard and showing you how to turn it into a showcase where you'll want to entertain friends and family.

    In this yard, we had a lot of hardscape, so we wanted to soften the landscape and make it more inviting.

    The side yard used to be a solid walkway with a fence and a pool pump. We took out the walkway and did our drainage with a French drain. Then, we cut flagstone stepping stones with dwarf mondo grass in between.

    The fence was ugly, but we couldn't get rid of it, so we painted it a nice brown color and attached a vine, so in a year or two, we'll have a lovely living wall.

    Are you wanting to shoot for tropical look in relatively in a cold climate? Go for a windmill fan palm, and they will last up to about ten degrees.

    If you want storage, you can build a closet that's attached to the house. You can even make space to hide your grill!

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