Miss Arkansas, Sloane Roberts, reacts to being Miss Congeniality

    4:06 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Following Saturday night's Miss America pageant, news came out that Miss Arkansas took home a nice honor from the event. Sloane Roberts didn't take home the crown, but, according to the Miss Arkansas organization's twitter account, she was honored by being named 'Miss Congeniality.'

    This scholarship, worth $2,000, is given to the contestant who is thought to get along best with the other girls and is overall pleasant.

    On Sunday, Miss Arkansas Sloane Roberts left the following message on her public facebook page.

    "As most of you know, I believe that Gods plan, purpose and timing is perfect.. As one of my favorite verses of scripture says "there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.." the journey and experience of Miss America came at the absolute perfect time in my life. No, I did not hear my name called on stage.. And those of you watching at home did not get to see m...e compete and perform on the Miss America stage, but my dreams really did come true. I have heard and seen so many people say, "keep your head up," or "you got robbed," or my personal favorite. "the judges are stupid," and the truth is... I have not let my head down once this entire time. I knew after my interview that God had a different plan for me. And "getting robbed" is just crazy to say because I just competed for the title of Miss America and was honored to represent the greatest state ever. I most definitely do not feel robbed. Not in the least bit. Someone this week sent me a quote that says "when you walk, walk tall; never fear anything; love all." I am proud to say that I walked tall and walked with God the entire week of the pageant. I was able to speak very openly about my faith and who I am in Christ in my interview, and in turn, I was able to walk out of the interview room knowing that I stood up for my God and I was not ashamed of the Gospel. I had no fear of anything all week long because I knew that I was never alone. I approached the week with a positive and loving attitude and I am proud to say I ended the week with the exact same mood. I took advantage of the opportunities God presented me with to share His message and truth to a lot of girls. I know that several seeds were planted. I wanted to show Christ's love to everyone and be a vessel and let his light shine through me so other girls could see His goodness. When my name was called in the dressing room as the 2013 recipient of the Miss Congeniality award, I knew that his light shined way brighter than I even imagined. In that moment, I felt so humbled. Of course, emotions were on edge and I cried like a baby. That award is by far the greatest achievement I have ever made. I am so glad I had more of an impact on 52 other girls that I will remain in contact with rather than the judges who have probably already forgotten about me. I gave a short speech to the girls telling them how much I loved them and appreciated that more than they even knew..and that it just gave me an excuse to go on that "perfect date" with Sandra Bullock! Also in that moment, I knew I wasn't going to be Miss America or even in the top 15.. And I was and still am completely satisfied with that. I realized that my "time" and my pageant "season" was complete. I had walked out of a pageant interview for the last time. Walked on stage in a swimsuit for the last time. Answered on stage question for the last time.. But it was also my last time to compete as a dancer... I have been a dancer much longer than a pageant contestant, and I have to say, dancing on the Miss America stage was the coolest way to end my performing career. Now, I get to teach dance and instill passion for dance in my students and be a mentor for them in every possible way. Miss America was the most incredible experience I have ever had. I gained so much perspective, and felt so much love from the people God has placed in my life. In all honesty, I'm so glad I am home! I love my state! I can't wait to finish my reign as Miss Arkansas and hopefully continue to make all of you proud! I feel rejuvenated and motivated to be the best Miss Arkansas I can possibly be from here until I pass on this amazing title to a very lucky girl this summer. I love you all! Your prayers helped bring me peace and I am so thankful for all of you who took the time to pray for me and the other contestants! God bless!

    Mark 11:24
    'Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.'"






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