150 new jobs in the works for Sherwood company

    10:37 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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    SHERWOOD (KTHV) - If you're in the market for a job, you may want to contact Custom Aircraft Cabinets, Inc. in Sherwood. It's planning to fill more than 100 new positions over the next two years.

    We've been following this story for you since last summer when Custom Aircraft Cabinets, Inc. announced expansion into a new facility. The company's bread and butter is making the interiors of private jets--everything from the upholstered seats to the serving areas. Now they're looking for a lot of people to help put it all together.     

    Workers started piecing together and sanding parts of plane interiors in early December, but the companies want more of them.

    "The 150 [workers] we want to accomplish within two years, and we plan to continue to grow from there," Co-Owner Paul Ressnes said.

    Reesnes said the jobs include cabinet makers, upholsters, finishers and electricians. And, the company will train.

    "We'd prefer people with the skill-set areas because at least they have tool knowledge and things to that nature, but we are training people as well without any knowledge," Reesnes said.

    When we talked about pay, Reesnes said employees would receive anywhere from $12 to $24 an hour for these jobs.

    "The demand and the interest, we've got a lot of interest of wanting to do business with our company, so we're gearing up, preparing for that," Co-Owner Mike Gueringer said.

    The company is meeting the need with more "people power," drilling new life into a company almost 24 years old, and churning out a product made in Arkansas and going sky-high.

    The company brought its existing workers from its former location to this new site in Sherwood. The 150 new jobs will be on top of those and will bring its total workforce to around 300.

    If you're interested in applying for a job, you can either stop by the place or apply online by clicking here.   

    The company owners added that interest is really high for these jobs right now with people coming by on a daily basis for applications. So far, they have filled about 40 of the 150 positions.

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