TRENDING: The Zombie Apocalypse is coming, Girl makes full court shot

    9:55 PM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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    Here's a look at what's trending today on the web!

    Ted Nugent at the State of the Union

    One of the storylines grabbing attention is the presence of Ted Nugent, who will be attending as a guest, and he has some interesting things to say.

    If you are watching tonight's speech, follow @THV11 on Twitter, and join in on the conversation using #SOTU

    Montana TV station KRTV issues warning of zombie apocalypse

    Don't panic. There's no zombie apocalypse. There are just some hackers out there with a sense of humor.

    Hackers broke into the Emergency Alert System of a Great Falls station.

    The alert went on to claim that the zombies were "attacking the living" and warned people not to "approach or apprehend these bodies as they are extremely dangerous."

    High school girl makes amazing full-court, one bounce shot

    Anna Olson of Lewis Palmer High School in Colorado has received a lot of praise over her amazing shot, and even received Top Play honors on ESPN.

    Now if you have some questions about the shot: Yes it does count, and according to the rule book, it is a 2 pointer since it bounced inside the three point line.

    The bigger question may be why did she not dribble it up court when she had plenty of time? Well that's because she wouldn't have made trending.

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