TRENDING: Meteor hits Earth, Ed Buckner has new rival

    9:04 PM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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    Russian meteor blast injures at least 1,000 people, authorities say

    Is Chicken Little right? Is the sky actually falling? Not exactly; however, there was a lot of activity over the Earth's atmosphere Friday.

    A meteor blazed through the skies over Russia, and an asteroid that was discovered last year by amateur astronomers in Spain, also eeked by Earth's surface Friday afternoon.

    Meanwhile astronomers are enjoying their moment in the spotlight.

    Triumph passenger sues Carnival on first day back

    Today one of the passengers on board the Carnival Triumph sued the company over horrifying conditions.

    The lawsuit mentions having to walk through sewage from overflowing bathrooms after power was knocked out by the fire and claims that Carnival failed to provide a seaworthy vessel and sanitary conditions.

    It might just be the first of many to come.

    KVLY Scheels Weather Kid Steals the Show

    Move over, Ed Bucker, a third grader in North Dakota is the big up and comer in the meteorology world.

    He goes by simply William the Weather Kid, and last week he got to make his big debut on the evening news in his hometown.

    The video has already been viewed 900,000 times.

    When asked who he idolizes he said Al Roker because Al tells a lot of jokes and William says he is a funny guy, too.

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