Craig O'Neill's Winners and Losers: March 1

    6:28 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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    Craig O'Neill runs down his list of Winners and Losers for the week

    Girls Gone Wild: They are losers. They have filed for bankruptcy. The outfit responsible for issuing these racy, provocative videos, is getting sued and facing other debts, and now, well, they've gone bust.

    Here's our girl gone wild with fishing, Liz Massey, who makes Crappie a loser. Liz made off with a freezer full of fish. People everywhere will be after them this spring.

    Winner. New head hog, coach Brett Bielema. In the course of a day on THV yesterday, in interviews with Dawn, he proved himself to be completely open with his life and his emotions and it became clear that relationships are important to him. This bodes well for the future of Razorback football.

    Loser. Little Rock Air Force Base. But, it's not their fault. If sequestration hits tonight at 11:59, and that looks more and more likely, civilian employees here will be affected. To what extent, and by how much, has yet to be determined, and it's that not knowing that lands them in the losers bracket.
    But there is one person in the defense department that definitely has a job.

    Winner. New Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, confirmed this week, but not without a struggle.
    The Capital is a winner tonight. The Capital Hotel. Forbes Travel Guide has given the hotel four stars, just one shy of the coveted five stars. Still, after a massive remodeling its great news for the Hotel.

    Winner. Arkansas. Exports from this state jumped 36 per cent last year, the second largest increase of any state in the union. Number one destination seems to be Canada, as our exports reached, sit down for this, 7.6 billion.

    And this was, in my opinion, our number one export. From Miss White's class at Gibbs Elementary, over 1,700 dollars sent to Sandy Hook Elementary. The kids raised the money themselves through the sale of duct tape accessories. The money to be used for counseling, and Modern Woodman also contributed, naming them hometown heroes. Big Big winner tonight.

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