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    Craig's Twist 89: Dr Seussquestration

    10:52 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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    This week schools across Arkansas have been celebrating Read Across America in honor of the birthday of Dr. Seuss.Our own Liz Massey read to kids at the Clinton Library, and today (Friday) sequestration took effect, the automatic spending cuts.

    Which brings us to Craig's Twist 89. . .Dr. Seussquestration:

    'Horton Hears a Boo'

    On March the first, at a very near zoo
    Horton the elephant heard a "boo"
    Not from a human, nor from a bird
    But Horton distinctly heard that word

    When he looked at his feet he saw full grown
    A flea standing on top of a lost smart phone
    Excuse me said Horton, was that you
    Were you the one who I heard boo
    Because that wasn't very kind that wasn't nice
    Before using that word I would've thought twice

    Yes indeed I'm afraid that was me
    Said the fearless, and friendly tech savy flea
    I've looked at every app I've read every tweet
    Playing with this phone right here at your feet

    I've read about what's affecting the nation
    It's something called sequestration
    85 billion in automatic cuts
    'Cause Congress hasn't got guts
    To work together or compromise
    To produce a country on the rise
    From things I've read to things I hear
    This is what I the flea do fear
    That after all the negative political zingers
    And after all the nasty pointing fingers
    And after scare after scare after scare after scare
    The people in the country just don't care
    The flea then sunk to his flea knees
    Horton picked him up with his trunk with ease
    And ofcourse trying not to sneeze
    Then said to the flea there's only one thing we both should do
    And there in the middle of the zoo
    Horton and the flea went zoo, boooooooo


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